[Jurnalul unui om leneș] – ep.1 Supă la plic

Jurnalul unui om lenes este o serie inspirata din viața autorului.

Suflu cu grijă în castronul cu supă. E fierbinte rău, am lăsat apa prea mult la fiert. Mi-am luat supă la plic, îmi era lene să-mi fac o supă normală, deși aveam legume în frigider. 

Iau o lingură de zeamă, mai suflu încă o dată și o bag în gură. Are un gust ciudat, metalic, prea sărat și puțin prea iute. Morții mă-sii. Nu pot să mă plâng. Mâncarea e mâncare. 


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I’ve made 27 years

First of August is my birthday. And I feel a little bit strange. Not because of the age or because I got older or other unimportant stuff like this. But because, looking back at the last year, so many things have changed.

If I’m looking back on what happened from 2015 to 2016, there wasn’t that much. You could probably say that I was a little bit worse. A little bit more overweight, a little bit more money issues and other stuff. It wasn’t better. (more…)

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The stories behind the numbers

We live in a world of numbers. Even though we didn’t enjoy the math class, we have to admit that there is a number behind everything we do. From our birth certificate to our bank accounts, numbers are telling the stories of our lives.

As I’ve been mentioned in the past as well, I work as a Workforce Management Planner. And I deal with numbers each day. Each number is having its own story. Either it’s the number of calls, the duration of it, even the numbers of agents that got ill can tell a story.

How can we create or read a story only from some numbers? Let’s take an example, an workforce one. (more…)

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