Lessons learned from publishing my first book

I’ve published my first book. I can say that I’ve made my first step as an established author. Even now, after a few days since publishing it, I still feel an eerie feeling regarding this matter. It doesn’t matter that I haven’t sold a single book yet. The important thing to me, it’s that I managed to do it, i’ve managed to publish my first book.

The first lesson that I learned from this experience is that it’s easier that I thought it would be. It’s not that hard to write a book. In the past year I’ve been writing every day. I reached a point where I wrote a poem a day. And the poems started to gather up, until they were enough to make a book out of them.

As long as you diligently work every day, a book can be done in no time.

The second lesson learned is about editing. I had to edit my first book myself. Probably I will have to do it alone for the next ones that will appear. It was hard to do this work. I had all my poems written on separate documents. I had to copy-paste them in the book file, edit each poem and then I had to go through Kindle Creator as well to give my book the look that I wanted. It was a horrendous work. I spent 6-7 hours doing this.

Of course, this was my mistake as well. I wanted to finish everything in one rush, not knowing how much it will take. So I spent a whole night doing it. In the future, I will know to make a schedule for it. And maybe, I will have the resources someday to hire someone to do this for me.

The third lesson is about marketing. It’s been a couple of days since I’ve published my book, but I haven’t done any marketing for it yet. I know I have to do it, but I haven’t to sit down for a couple of hours to think of ad making. As a result, I have sold zero copies of my book. Even though I shared the link on all my social media accounts. I will have to create and buy ads if I want my book to sell.  You could have the best book in the world, if you don’t spread the word about it, it will never sell.

These are the main lessons learned from this experience. I’m sure that working on my future books, this process will become smoother and I will probably come back with better stories about my experience as a published author.

If you’re curious about my book, you can click on this link and find more about it.

Have you published a book yet, or are you planning to do it in the future?

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