Review: The subtle art of not giving a fuck

I thought that It would be nice that from time to time to write about the books that I read. To share with all the nice things that I manage to find and read about.

The first book that I want to write about it “The subtle art of not giving a fuck: A counterintuitive approach to live a good life” by Mark Manson.

From the title you could see that even if it’s having the subtle art into the title, this book it’s not about subtleties. The author doesn’t hide behind kind words and offers you the harsh truth.

One of the most memorable things that I liked in this book, it’s that we have a very low amount of fucks to give in this life. We need to chose on those things to give a fuck about. Because if we will give a fuck about everything, we won’t have enough fuck to give when it matters. Ok, I’ve used fuck a little bit too much now, didn’t I?

Ok, but what giving a fuck means? It’s a more blunt way to say caring about things. So in a lighter version of what I wrote above, we need to choose carefully the things that matter to us and we put our energy into it. Because if we care and struggle and get mad about every little thing that we encounter in our life, we will get exhausted very soon. And then it will be too late to give a fuck.

We live in a world where our shortcomings are always pointed out, making us feeling miserable and depressed. We are constantly trying to listen to those around us, but we never take a good look at ourselves.

The book contains a lot of stories about people that started to move their energy and the projects they wanted, and started to take control over their life as they wanted. Each chapter of the book opened my eyes about things that I probably never realised.

It’s a motivational book, but not a conventional one. As I was mentioning earlier, the author doesn’t hide behind the words and he is not afraid to point out the shortcomings of our life.

I felt that this book was what I needed at the time when I read it. It made me look at the world in another way, from another perspective. And any book that manages to do this it’s a good book.

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