Being optimistic it’s hard

optimism = the quality of being full of hope and emphasizing the good parts of a situation, or a belief that something good will happen.

The quality of being full of hope, so the Cambridge dictionary say. Let’s be serious? Who needs hope? When Pandora opened her box, Hope was the last one, because it’s wings were so frail that she didn’t manage to fly outside and was closed back into the box by a frightened Pandora. In the corner of your phone, a red battery is blipping,  telling you that your battery is low. Of course you are aware of that, but you already lost hope on recharging it soon, so frenetically you swipe left and right, consuming the last bit of energy that your phone had.

Emphasizing the good parts of a situation. Well you already lost your hope, how the fuck you will manage to see the god parts of anything? You already imagine yourself tormented into the pits of hell, although in fact, it was just your phone battery that discharged because you used it took much looking at photos of cats trying to conquer the world. Of course, for you, your battery didn’t just discharged, but it died out. And trough the magic of electricity  it will rise again after you will reach home and plug it in. But that will be later, you need your phone now, now, now.

Belief that something good will happen. Are you serious Cambridge? The poor’s man phone just died out. It died? What good will come out of that? If he doesn’t look at the picture of a cat every hour, a tiny bit of his soul dies out. Look at him, walking with empty eyes, desolate,  lost, like a plastic bag into the wind.

All jokes aside, being optimistic and positive all the time it’s hard. Seeing the good in all the things, and having glimpse of hope when the world is crumbling around you isn’t just a walk in the park. Maybe this is why there are so little true optimistic people around the world.

Let’s be honest, pessimism it’s easy. Giving up it’s easy. It’s more easy to say “I can’t do that” rather than saying “I don’t know how, but I will do it”. It’s more easy to take a step back and say “This sucks, it’s to hard”, rather than step up “It’s so hard, I can’t wait to see how it ends”.

Most of the people say “Look at him, so easy-going, he doesn’t know how hard life it is”, “It’s a fools dream, it’s impossible” and they tell you to stop dreaming and come back to earth. While the optimist say “Thank you” and goes forward.

An optimist doesn’t look at the world and sees only the good things. Of course we see the bad things also, but most of the time this is what it motivates him to go forward.

Being an optimist person may be hard at some times, but as long as you go forward, and you continue to see the good things also, not only the bad ones, someday you’ll manage to reach what you are looking for.

How do you feel about optimism?

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