Window shoppers

Man you’s a window shopper
In the jewelry store lookin’ at shit you can’t buy
Man you’s a window shopper
In the dealership tryna get a test drive

Do you know 50 Cent’s Window shopper? The song about the people that look from the window and dream about the things they can’t buy, they get mad at the people that can buy them?

This weekend my mom visited me. And because we couldn’t stay in the house all day, we went out. Specifically, we went to the mall, the preferred week-end location off everybody from Iasi.

In the mall, as in any mall around the world, you would find a lot of people that browse through the stores, most of the times without a purpose. I by that I mean they don’t look for something to buy, they just want to look at things, that most of the time they can’t afford because of various reasons.

The same thing was done by my mother, driving me crazy, because she wanted to check a lot of stores. I even asked her if she didn’t want to buy anything, why bother. I couldn’t get a good answer from her. Don’t get me wrong, I love my mom, but in this kind of situations I have to be frank with her and point out that she is crazy.

And thus we arrived at my post from today about window shoppers. I wonder, why do we people like to do that? Because this kind of activity results only in bad things: waste of precious time, of energy, of motivation and so on and so forth.

Let’s bet honest. Who went into a shop, saw something that they liked, can’t buy it for various reasons and felt good about this? I can say with a probability of 99% that all the people that are window shopping are feeling miserable, demoralized, maybe worse. And when you see someone buying the same thing that you can’t buy the feeling is getting intensified. And you become like the window shopper from 50’s song mad as fuck when you see him walk by.

I’m not trying to blame anyone about this. I’ve done my own share of window shopping. If not by walking into stores, I sure did enter on websites and looked for long minutes and laptops, PC’s, cameras and so on.  But i’ve always wondered why do we do it. Why do we like to spend minutes and minutes on looking at things that we can’t afford.

I know that some of you will say But Stefan, this thing can also be motivating. But is it? Did you ever feel motivated after you looked at a new pair of shoes, a new piece of clothing, a car or something else? Was the first feeling that you felt motivation, or something else?

I usually tend to avoid this kind of activities, on a purely reason that I think it’s a waste of time. When I will have enough money I will go and buy it.  Because if I don’t have the money, what’s the point to even look at it.

What’s your take about window shopping? Am I right or wrong?

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