Why do people hate Mondays?

Monday. Ugh!!! The very sound of the word make the mouths of many people go sour.

Monday is the reason why many people think they have the right to be cranky and assholes.

Monday is the reason why we have the right to make mistakes and feel like shit.

Why? Because it’s Monday.

I’ve always wondered when Monday began to be the most hated day of the week. And I’ve always wondered why. Why there is so much hate for the Monday? It’s just a normal day. It’s still has 24h hours, you still have to wake up, you will still have to do your tasks for the day. So why not doing it without throwing the bad mood around.

I assume that the hate, or dislike, of Monday’s, or better I think it’s Monday mornings, it’s because of the weekend and the laziness around it. On Saturday and Sunday we laze around. We don’t have our boss telling us what to do, we don’t have to meet that annoying colleague that we hate so much. We don’t have to do anything on the weekend.

And this is why on Monday when we have to wake up from our slumber and crawl our way back to work we are so moody. Because we have our work, because we hate our life and we rather spend our day wrapped in the blanket like a larva.

I actually like the Mondays.

For me, Monday is a day for a fresh start. It’s the day when I can try new things at work, it’s the day when I wake up from the slumber of the weekend. It’s a day for a new beginning.

Monday, like any other day, it’s another day that we have to go through. I think it would be easier if we just take it as it is, and not complain about it so much. Because in the end, you still have to wake up, go to work/school, do your job. You will do that either complaining or not. But you will do it. So want’s the point of complaining so much about a goddamn day?

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