Quo Vadis?

Have you ever felt that you are constantly finding yourself at a crossroad? And every time you are asking yourself where you should go. To left or to right? And how you can be sure of the right choice.

Let me start by telling you a little story about Hercules. I’ve read this story when I was little and I’m still remembering about it even today.

When Hercules left his home and started his journey, he found himself at a crossroad. There were two old women, one for each road. The first one to talk promised him a life of riches, the daughter of a king and the kingdom itself. All he had to do was to walk down that road. The second woman told him that her road was filled with dangers and trials, but if he will overcome those, he will gain much more than he ever dreamed.

So Hercules had a choice. On one road he could find a life of riches without lifting a finger, on the other one he will need to pass many trials before he will find peace. Do I need to tell you which road did he take? I think you all know about the legend of Hercules and the deeds that he did.

Unfortunately, we don’t have guides for our own roads. We stand at the crossroads and we must choose what path do we take. But how will we choose the right path? Because for many of us the crossroad is in reality a roundabound. A roundabound where we are stuck, because we are spinning round and round, forgetting to exit.

I’m not sure if the path that I took is the right one. How can I be sure? Life came without instructions and I need to figure it myself how to play the game. But the beautiful thing with life it’s that the crossroads are always coming up. And every time I need to ask myself: Quo Vadis?

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