What is love?

…. baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, no more. 

I don’t think I believe in love anymore. It’s a word used so much these days that it’s become a cliche. What is love? How do we, can we say that we love something when we use it like breathing over every little thing.

I can’t say don’t believe in love, rather I could say I don’t believe in the way love is presented and perceive today.

Love is defined by affection, fondness, attraction, likeness, intimacy, respect and could continue.

But today love is equal with sexual attraction. You could see that everybody is falling in love and declaring their love the second they meet a person. They call it “love at the first sight”, rather than “I want to bang you right now”.

Because let’s be honest, the first feeling that you have when you meet a person of an opposing gender, it’s not love, it’s attraction. More or less sexual. And that is equal for both men and women. We all have those thoughts that “I would like to have sex ( or not) with that person”. Let’s not beat around the bush about this.

Love has been distorted by the way we portray it in our books, movies, songs, TV shows etc.

“Romeo and Juliet” it’s looked as a great love story nowadays. Really? Two kids that cause their family feud to escalate, caused someone’s death and in the end, both of them die, because they didn’t talk with each other properly. That is not love, that is stupidity. Even Shakespeare probably wrote it as a parody of love, but everybody took it to the letter, rather that seeing the hidden truth.

I think love is about trust and respect, it’s a sentiment and not an emotion. Love is about understanding the flaws of the person you choose to love, and accept them. Love is something cerebral and not something instinctual. It’s having much more depth and meaning that most understand.

What is love, for you?


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