What does being a man mean?

A while back a saw a this video:

After I saw this video, I asked myself: What does a man mean? and What “be a man” express? Because the people from the video gave some interesting answers.  From courage, strong, responsibility to insult and sexist ( WTF, but more about that below).

I found interesting what the guys from 29, 35 and 39 years old mentioned. The 29th guy told an the end “That’s not the kind men that i want to be”, the guy from 35th “It’s not a real definition of what a man really is, it’s just an assumption” and the 39th guys asked “who defines what a man is?”. I think this are well thought opinions and questions.

Who defines what a man really is. I think there is the assumption that society does that. Which is wrong. A man is defines by himself, by his own actions and beliefs. I was told uncountable times Do this thing … come on, be a man. But that thing didn’t define for me the action of a man.

A man should be defined by his own code of morals and actions. 

Courage, strength ( not physical, but rather mental strength), loyalty, honor, dependability … these are the things that i consider manly. Not the fact that you can drink yourself under the table, or that you can smoke from the age of 13, or how many women walk into your bed. But that’s just me. Like a said before a man is defined by his own code of morals.

This is why many consider the phrase “be a man” insulting. Because it’s a clash of views on the manhood itself, and how each party sees it. But I believe real men, grown ups, would understand what an opinion is and wouldn’t appeal to such a frivolous manner of speech.

Now …. let’s see why saying to a man to man up, or be a man could be considered sexist. Because it’s fucking crazy. The society, in it’s way to political correctness, managed to make some men afraid of their manhood because it might insult some of the women ( perhaps the crazy ones).  One of the guys from the video said, it’s sexist because not being a man it’s kinda saying you’re being in a way a women ( or something like that). No, not being a man it doesn’t make a women, my friend. Not being a man it makes you a boy. It makes you a child. The kind that still need help to wipe his snot from his nose.

And if you say you are a man, that doesn’t make you a goddam sexist. Because men’s love women’s, and want to be one, and by that i mean a real women, not a girly that know just how to put some make-up and make big, lovely eyes.

And to answer the question i was asking myself in the title. What does a being a man mean? Whatever the man wants.

What does being a man means to you?

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