Trading journal – The first steps

Ever since I’ve discovered stocks and financial markets I’ve desired to become a trader and a stock investor.  And this happened around 7-8 years ago, when I was in 11th or 12th grade, I can’t remember exactly.

I remember that I was watching the stock market from here in Romania, checking how the stock were progressing and dreaming about having the money to own stocks in different companies. 

As the years passed by I’ve got introduced to Forex, and started to play with demo accounts for a while. Because it was a demo account I lost the money quite fast. I didn’t know jack about to pick the right signals. I was just like a a little calf, that discovered grass for the first time.

But that didn’t discouraged me. And I’ve even invested around 100$ of real money into a platform, loosing all of them as well in a few months.

My first investing experience was a mess, my at the same time was a learning experience. I’ve discovered many things about trading, especially on a such volatile environment as Forex is.

An now, I’m making my comeback into the investing world, yet again with a demo account.

This time a plan to learn to invest a lot better and I plan to make better decisions. And in time, of course, I plan to start making money from this.

These trading journals, will appear from time to time, to share my experience with you, and also to keep track of my doings in my adventure into the Forex markets.

I hope that this time, the adventure won’t be so short like last time. And also it will be more rewarding as well.

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