Trading journal – (2) The learning curve

Last week I was writing in my 1st Trading Journal article about my first steps into the trading world.

My last experience with this activity was 3 ago, back in the beginning of 2013 when I decided to put my money on the market and become an awesome trader over the night. And I’ve failed. Miserably I might add. I lost all my money ( somewhere around 100 euros, I can’t remember exactly) in a couple of weeks.

The first thought that I had then was that the trading life isn’t for me. Because of my failure I’ve decided to renounce it. So I didn’t touch a trading platform over the course of these 3 years at all.

Of course, from time to time, I would enter on various websites, reading bits of information, thinking about to go back to trading. But I didn’t do it. Until now.

Back in August I had a chat with someone about my trading passion. And I received the simple question: Why did you stop? Why don’t you continue to do it? 

Somehow those questions stuck into my mind. Back in my mind I wanted to do it. When I got home I’ve opened the old platform that I worked with. Just to see if I had some leftover funds ( I didn’t). But, seeing that the platform was open, I clicked on the demo button.

And I said to myself : What a wonderful world ( did you get the it? 🙂 )

Suddenly I was back on the track. And this time I wanted to make it count. I think I’ve learned from my past mistakes, being too eager to jump into a live account. Demo account aren’t only for seeing how the platform works. On them you can study and test strategies, and most important you can learn how to trade, without the risk of losing your own money.

Every day I open my trading account, looking at the market, looking for information. For me it’s not a demo account, it’s real live one, when I gain or loose money. If I don’t take the seriously, I know I won’t be able to learn all the tricks in the book. And when I will go with a real money account, it will lose more than money. I will lose time, patience, motivation and maybe the mind.

So I’m taking it slowly, watch and learn.

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