Time is of the essence!

Have you ever analysed how you spend your day? And how many minutes and hours do you spend on meaningless activities, that don’t bring up anything of value to you or to those around you. And above all that, at the end of the day, you realize how much time you wasted on the meaningless tasks and feel like shit. 

I have. I’ve done this kind of introspection and I’ve realized that I spend too much hours on activities without a purpose. On activities that brought me only a momentary satisfaction, but overall didn’t made me feel good. Activities like playing a game too many hours, binging through a TV series or just browsing endlessly on Facebook, 9gag or other social media.

Of course it feels good  while you are doing it, but when you stop watching the movie, or stop playing the game, you somehow have that feeling that your time was wasted. Well, at least I have that kind of feelings.

I feel that I waste a lot of time on activities that don’t bring me up any joy on the long term. I’m not sure if it’s just my new way of looking at things or it’s a feel that I have had it for a long time, realizing about it only recently.

Like in the title, for me time is of the essence. We spend so little time on this earth, and there are so many things we could do in our life that. When you think about it, in perspective, looking at the pictures of cats and babies on Facebook really become meaningless.

I always joke that I want to live at least 150 years old, and sometimes I’m afraid that even this amount of time wouldn’t help me achieve all the things I want to do. Let’s not forget that I’ve almost spent 20% of that amount, and to be honest, I haven’t done anything to brag about in this life yet.

We live in a world where we have some many possibilities and opportunities that 24h doesn’t seem enough for me. This is why I have to choose carefully what I do during the day. To do what it counts and to do the things that will help me to achieve my goals. Playing a game and watching a movie might sound fun, but in the end, does that help me?

I think the biggest problem of my generation, it’s the amount of time we waste. And we don’t realise this until it’s too late. Until we reach an age when are past the time of regrets. Until we reach a point where there is no return. And that would be a shame, because time is precious, and wasting it is a sin.

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