Life is full of opportunities

I’ve read somewhere that opportunities arrives for those that are prepared for them. 

And I believe that is true. You can’t take advantage of an opportunity if you are not ready to for it, either with the skills that you have or either with your mindset. And if you are not prepared to take it, can we really call it an opportunity? Because an opportunity is “a time or set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something“(Oxford Dictionary). 

A possibility to do something.

Most of the time when we desire an opportunity it has something to do with our goals. It’s either a job, a promotion, a chance to make a break in an area, making more money… you name it. And we want the planets to align so we could make it, so we could achieve our desires.

I’ll tell again the story of me getting my first job, because for me it had such a big impact back then. It’s been almost two years since I was looking for a job, doing freelancing on the side in the meanwhile, when the phone called. After I talked with the recruiter and started the process that got me a month later my job. The thing is I didn’t apply for that job. I applied for another one, a year before the call. I had to check deep in my e-mail to find the e-mail with the application. But my resume stayed with the company and thus, an opportunity was created for me.

We don’t have to wait for opportunities. We can create opportunities for ourselves. Or go out there looking for them.

I bought this domain back in 2015, but I haven’t really started to work on it till last year. I’ve written some posts here and there, but that was it. Then I had a chat someday with someone. And while we were talking, I was asked “Why don’t you write?”. I couldn’t give a straight answer, but soon after that discussion, I began writing again. And a few months later, I found Steemit. And in Steemit I found what I was looking for, a place where you can get money for what you write. Finding Steemit was another opportunity for me, but couldn’t that opportunity come to fruition if I didn’t start to write constantly? I highly doubt that.

That is the thing with opportunities. You can take advantage of them or you can’t. But one an opportunity flies by you, it’s really hard to get another one. At least from my experience.

Opportunity arrives in various shapes and forms. If you are not prepared for what you are looking for, you can miss your opportunity, because you weren’t able to recognize it. This is why you always have to be on top of your game and have your eyes open for opportunities.

This is why I welcome every opportunity with open arms, every day. Come to me opportunities.

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