Cold shower therapy

I turn the faucet on. The water starts to pour down on floor. The coldness of the water makes the air turn cold as well. Some of the voices in my heads start to mumble You will regret this! Don’t do it, Stefan! Don’t do it!

But I did it anyway. The first to make contact were the feet. The coldness of the water makes my mind refreshed. I make a little courage and let the hands to join the party. First the right, then the left. I splash myself, like I child in a hot spring day, to let the body get used with the cold water. 

And in the end, I jump in. Damn, this water is coooooooooold! is my first thought, but I didn’t know then, that the worst ( or the best) has yet to happen. I can’t feel my skin anymore. The water made it numb. And that was the moment when I decided to let the head to join the party. I direct my gorgeous head to the water stream and then …. total blankness. 

For a few cold seconds the whole world stopped. Nothing matters anymore. All my fatigue, my problems, my sorrows, everything vanished in that moment. I don’t know how long I was like this ( probably not more that 5 to 10 seconds, but who’s counting?). Soon the world started to fade in, I could hear again the water pouring on the top of my head, making my scalp screaming for help, fearing that it would freeze to death. I let water to bathe my shoulders, which already started to burn because of the cold. 

Slowly, with a trembling hand, I turn the faucet down, relieving my body from the frozen torment that I put it trough. I leave the shower with my thoughts gone in the wind, or better said gone into the cold. 

And that’s about it my friends. My experience with a cold shower that I just finished.

I have to admit that this isn’t my first cold shower, even thought there are some weeks from my last one. Today I wanted to experiment a little bit with cold showers after work.

After 8 hours of work, I sometimes come home very tired with no mood to do anything anymore. Most of the time, I just lazily open my laptop and read some web novels, or manga or just watch a movie. And that bugs me out and I wanted to do something else for a change. And this cold shower it was my solution.

And somehow it worked. Because, as you can see, at least it made blog about it. And that is no small thing, seeing how often I manage to write on this that blog of mine.

About cold showers and cold shower therapy the internet is full of articles, blogs, vlogs and many more info sources better documented than me. If you really want to give it a go, but need a final push, I suggest you to do it.

My opinion is to do it at least one. It will make you feel amazing. Don’t trust my word for it, go do it yourself. Experiment yourself how a cold showers feels like and come back and tell me about it.

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