Would you go to war?

We live in a very unstable world. And talks about a World War 3 appear more and more. But this post isn’t about politics, it’s about a decision. If a war would break out, would you go to war? Would you leave your quiet life, strap up the boots and go on the front to dodge bullets and bombs? I think I would.

It’s not about patriotism or love for the country, or its people for that matter. It’s a feeling, that if there would be a war I should go and fight. I know that what I say might sound crazy, and probably it is.

In a war, death is, most of the time, inevitable; so instead of running away from it, wouldn’t be better to just face it? To look at it straight in the face and say “Give your best shot”. What would be the worst that could happen as a soldier in the war? You die, you get crippled, you get mental scars for the rest of your life? Wouldn’t the same happen if you are a civilian? If a total war would break out right now, do you think the civilians would get a pass from the horrors of war? Look at what’s happening in the war zones from Syria and see that the civilians are the most affected.

So I would choose to fight. To go and dodge bullets, shooting at enemies, doing something, anything. Because just standing and wondering if a bomb will drop on my head it would be much worse for me.

And I wouldn’t necessarily fight only for me. I’ve written above that I wouldn’t necessarily fight for the sake of my country. But I would fight for the sake of my family, for the sake of my friends and for my loved ones.  I have a little bit of a “hero” in me, maybe because I’ve always liked to create “hero like” characters when I was little.

What would you do if a war would break out? Would you join the army and fight? Or would you remain a civilian and run as far as possible from the war zone?

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