My dear money, I set you free!

My dear money, from today you are free. I won’t chase after you anymore. You are free to go from my mind.

I didn’t go crazy when I wrote those lines above. I’ve written them a few days ago in my journal as well. I’ve decided that I will remove the money from my goals from now on. 

My family has always been poor. There’s no need to sugar coat it. Because of this I’ve always felt the need to gain the big bucks, I always felt that having money was a way of validating myself. Having a lot of money proved my value to the world.

I thought in the past, that I had to earn a lot of money and then I will be happy. Somehow, my happiness was measured in how much bank account balance looked.

But, I’ve realised that this way of thinking is stupid. If I do every little thing, only for the sake of money, what’s the point? Where is the fun in that? What I will do when I will reach my money goals, where do I go from there? And I’ve decided to let it go. To set the money free. From now on, my goals, won’t be focused on the money.

And somehow that got me liberated. This little revelation made me see the world in another way. Like a bird that escaped from a cage and now can fly in the open sky.

Don’t get me wrong here. I still care about money and I still see the value of money. I’m still managing my money like I did before. It would be reckless of me not to take care of my money and spend without a plan. That’s another story.

This is like a shift in my core values. I’m not sure if I can explain it better that this.  If until now, I was taking decision based on how it would affect my future income, or did things solely because of money, that stops.

From now on I will focus on the other things. Like my writing. I’ve always liked to write, but because of this money block that I had, I always thought about how to write things that would get me a lot of money. Not write for the sake of writing, but for the sake of money. And this got me nowhere. Because I always second guessed every word that I wrote.

So instead of focusing on the money, the focus it will be the things that I like to do. Things that are fun. I will focus on doing the best work that I can do. Giving 100% and more. So what if I don’t get any money from it? Maybe that’s the way it was supposed to be.

So yeah, my dear money, I set you free.

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