Window shoppers

Man you’s a window shopper
In the jewelry store lookin’ at shit you can’t buy
Man you’s a window shopper
In the dealership tryna get a test drive

Do you know 50 Cent’s Window shopper? The song about the people that look from the window and dream about the things they can’t buy, they get mad at the people that can buy them?

This weekend my mom visited me. And because we couldn’t stay in the house all day, we went out. Specifically, we went to the mall, the preferred week-end location off everybody from Iasi. (more…)

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Quo Vadis?

Have you ever felt that you are constantly finding yourself at a crossroad? And every time you are asking yourself where you should go. To left or to right? And how you can be sure of the right choice.

Let me start by telling you a little story about Hercules. I’ve read this story when I was little and I’m still remembering about it even today.

When Hercules left his home and started his journey, he found himself at a crossroad. There were two old women, one for each road. The first one to talk promised him a life of riches, the daughter of a king and the kingdom itself. All he had to do was to walk down that road. The second woman told him (more…)

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Am I a perfectionist?

A while back I was reading an article about perfectionism and how it affects our daily life.

The article referred to how searching for the perfect environment, the perfect project, the perfect life, in the end, it drives you crazy. Because in your mind you will search for that perfect feeling every time you want to do something, and you won’t find it because, let’s be honest, nothing is perfect. (more…)

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Why you complain about friendzone?

FriendzoneI spend a lot of time, well not a lot, but quite some time on 9GAG. And I see many posts about friendzone, crushes and other stuff like that. I knew a little bit about the  friendzone term and I was wondering myself What the fuck they see friendzone like that? Then I found out that for them “friendzone” is that zone that people like to call when then can’t get a girl, or a boy, and prefer to become friends with the hopes of a stupid romance movie character that eventually, if they stay around enough, they will become lovers and spend the rest of their lifes together. (more…)

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