Trading journal – The first steps

Ever since I’ve discovered stocks and financial markets I’ve desired to become a trader and a stock investor.  And this happened around 7-8 years ago, when I was in 11th or 12th grade, I can’t remember exactly.

I remember that I was watching the stock market from here in Romania, checking how the stock were progressing and dreaming about having the money to own stocks in different companies.  (more…)

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How I became a morning person!

I like to think of myself as a morning person. Most of the days I have set my alarm clock at 5 AM or 5:30 . If i’m tired or without anything important to do, I get off the bed around 6:00. Even in week-ends or in my days off, I wake up at 7:00, 8:00 at most ( unless I went to sleep very, very late like three or four in the morning).

My co-workers and my friends see me as a crazy person when I tell them my wake up hours. Truth be told, I see the sleeping activity as a nuisance and I thought of ways to shorten it to the minimum possible. Of course, I understand the necessity of sleep, but that doesn’t mean I like it so much like many people do. I sleep only because my body and my mind needs it. (more…)

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Cold shower therapy

I turn the faucet on. The water starts to pour down on floor. The coldness of the water makes the air turn cold as well. Some of the voices in my heads start to mumble You will regret this! Don’t do it, Stefan! Don’t do it!

But I did it anyway. The first to make contact were the feet. The coldness of the water makes my mind refreshed. I make a little courage and let the hands to join the party. First the right, then the left. I splash myself, like I child in a hot spring day, to let the body get used with the cold water.  (more…)

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Pushing beyond your limits

We often hear around us to push our limits, to go beyond them, only doing that we will succeed. I can agree with that statement, but I believe most of the people that are preaching this “push your limits as long as possible” don’t mention a little, tiny important thing. And that is knowing your limits first.

How can you expect someone to push beyond their limits if they don’t know what their limits are? Would you buy a car if you din’t know the max km/hour that car can push? Would you buy a PC without knowing his specs? (more…)

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Quo Vadis?

Have you ever felt that you are constantly finding yourself at a crossroad? And every time you are asking yourself where you should go. To left or to right? And how you can be sure of the right choice.

Let me start by telling you a little story about Hercules. I’ve read this story when I was little and I’m still remembering about it even today.

When Hercules left his home and started his journey, he found himself at a crossroad. There were two old women, one for each road. The first one to talk promised him a life of riches, the daughter of a king and the kingdom itself. All he had to do was to walk down that road. The second woman told him (more…)

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