Review: The subtle art of not giving a fuck

I thought that It would be nice that from time to time to write about the books that I read. To share with all the nice things that I manage to find and read about.

The first book that I want to write about it “The subtle art of not giving a fuck: A counterintuitive approach to live a good life” by Mark Manson.

From the title you could see that even if it’s having the subtle art into the title, this book it’s not about subtleties. The author doesn’t hide behind kind words and offers you the harsh truth. (more…)

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Breaking down procrastination

Procrastination = the act or habit of procrastinating, or putting off or delaying, especially something requiring immediate attention.

This past week-end, I had big plans. I wanted to write one or two chapters for Imperial Struggle, write some four to five articles for this blog, work on some other projects that I have, make some food and many other stuff. Do you know what I’ve managed to do? Almost nothing. I didn’t do any writing, and didn’t make myself any food (actually I’m doing it right now) and overall I did nothing. I spent all my weekend watching some movies, browsing on the internet and did some light reading. (more…)

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Time is of the essence!

Have you ever analysed how you spend your day? And how many minutes and hours do you spend on meaningless activities, that don’t bring up anything of value to you or to those around you. And above all that, at the end of the day, you realize how much time you wasted on the meaningless tasks and feel like shit.¬† (more…)

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What is love?

…. baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, no more.¬†

I don’t think I believe in love anymore. It’s a word used so much these days that it’s become a cliche. What is love? How do we, can we say that we love something when we use it like breathing over every little thing.

I can’t say don’t believe in love, rather I could say I don’t believe in the way love is presented and perceive today. (more…)

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Trading journal – (2) The learning curve

Last week I was writing in my 1st Trading Journal article about my first steps into the trading world.

My last experience with this activity was 3 ago, back in the beginning of 2013 when I decided to put my money on the market and become an awesome trader over the night. And I’ve failed. Miserably I might add. I lost all my money ( somewhere around 100 euros, I can’t remember exactly) in a couple of weeks. (more…)

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