Why you complain about friendzone?

FriendzoneI spend a lot of time, well not a lot, but quite some time on 9GAG. And I see many posts about friendzone, crushes and other stuff like that. I knew a little bit about the  friendzone term and I was wondering myself What the fuck they see friendzone like that? Then I found out that for them “friendzone” is that zone that people like to call when then can’t get a girl, or a boy, and prefer to become friends with the hopes of a stupid romance movie character that eventually, if they stay around enough, they will become lovers and spend the rest of their lifes together. (more…)

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What does being a man mean?

A while back a saw a this video:

After I saw this video, I asked myself: What does a man mean? and What “be a man” express? Because the people from the video gave some interesting answers.  From courage, strong, responsibility to insult and sexist ( WTF, but more about that below). (more…)

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